Capitalize a string
Check if a path is relative
Check if a string consists of a repeated character sequence
Check if a string is a palindrome
Check if a URL is absolute
Check if two strings are anagram
Convert a letter to associate emoji
Convert a string to camelCase
Convert a string to PascalCase
Convert a string to URL slug
Convert a Windows file path to Unix path
Convert camelCase to kebab-case and vice versa
Convert snake_case to camelCase
Convert the name of an Excel column to number
Count the number of words in a string
Count the occurrences of a character in a string
Decapitalize a string
Escape HTML special characters
Generate a hash of a string
Get the base URL without any parameters
Get the file extension from a file name
Get the file name from a URL
Get the length of a string in bytes
Get the number of a character in a string
Make the first character of a string lowercase
Normalize file path slashes
Prepend a line number to each line of a text document
Remove duplicate lines of a text document
Remove empty lines of a text document
Remove spaces from a string
Repeat a string
Replace all line breaks with br elements
Replace all tab characters with spaces
Replace multiple spaces with a single space
Replace the first given number of characters of a string with another character
Reverse a string
Reverse the order of lines of a text
Sort lines of a text document in the alphabetical order
Sort the characters of a string in the alphabetical order
Strip ANSI codes from a string
Swap case of characters in a string
Trim slashes at the beginning and the end of a string
Trim some character
Trim the file extension from a file name
Truncate a string at full words
Unescape HTML special characters
Uppercase the first character of each word in a string